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Mr. Agent Man & Knucklehead Dancer Boy

It is frustrating when someone asks for specifics about an event, location, or occasion when they could easily, and within seconds, access the info on their own.   SAD STORY: I recently recommended a dancer to an agent.   I instructed DANCER BOY to write MR. AGENT MAN a note. MR. AGENT MAN was in the building, and I wanted ... Read More »

On the Sofa Opposite Oprah

There are no shortcuts to happiness. Attaining happiness requires work. That’s because you first have to acknowledge and take responsibility for every area of your life. Doing this is not the most enjoyable exercise, because you may likely discover unpleasant things about yourself. However, it is good honest work. More importantly, it’s the path to growth. There are no shortcuts to ... Read More »

In a Nutshell

Stress and anxiety are not our friends; there is no part of our being that was ever meant to thrive in their presence. Yet, they are part of life. The question then becomes, “What do you need to change, so you can deal with whatever is happening?”. Your response? Your approach? Your words?   When things don’t go as expected ... Read More »

Things I Say When I’m Teaching Tap Class @laurietalks

  I teach tap for Tremaine Dance Conventions. During my classes, I silence my tap shoes for a quick @laurietalks chat with students. Over the years I’ve discussed tattoos, piercings, impulsive behavior, intelligent risk taking, and, recently, innovative uses for social media. Here’s what I said:                    “Dancers, please have a seat. ... Read More »

A Letting Go Plan

We all know how important it is to plan. Although we know the benefits of planning, we don’t always do it.   I once planned a 2-day vacation and upon arriving at my destination city, had no car rental or hotel reservation.   For me, the planning stopped at scouting out fares and booking travel tickets. I plan my arrival ... Read More »

Dance Convention Observations

I have completed a 20-city tour with Tremaine Dance Conventions. Here are ten observations: Selfies rule. Parents still give me updates on their kids when I say to the parent, “How are YOU doing?” Contemporary dance is in. A few of the moves make me wonder if there should be a medic on site. I don’t mind judging 100 competition ... Read More »

Lost My Wallet

Someone once told me that if you lose a piece of jewelry, it’s meant for someone else… Thank goodness the same doesn’t apply to wallets. I lost mine last week. It fell out my pocket while leaving the supermarket. I immediately retraced my steps, but it was gone, nowhere to be found. I didn’t cancel my credit card or spend ... Read More »

The Struggle is Real

I grew up hearing phrases like: You can’t fight city hall. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. One person can’t change the world. Crawl before you walk. The struggle is real. Start from the bottom, and work your way up. It’s a dog eat dog world. Ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. It’s a waste of time ... Read More »

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