10 Things I Find Really Annoying

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Some time ago, I shared 10 Random Things About Me to give people a glimpse into my life.  Today, I’d like to give you another glimpse – this time I’m sharing my thoughts about some things that really annoy me.

Here are the things I find really annoying: 

1.    Men who exit and enter elevators without allowing women to move first.

2.    Young girls who date guys who curse in their presence. BTW, this is the same “man” who’s going to blow the horn when picking you up.

3.    People who, upon observing passengers in first class section of an aircraft, say things like, “Wow, First Class? Must be nice!” Small time thinking gets you nowhere.  

4.    People who play small in life like they don’t matter.

5.   People who answer their phones and say, “I can’t talk right now, I’m in a meeting.”  Just let it go to voice mail.

6.    People who answer their phones and say, “I’ll call you right back,” and never do.

7.    Individuals who interrupt my conversations without saying, “Excuse me.” Then ignore me like I’m not there while having a full discussion with the person I was just talking to.

8.    People who give themselves manicures or floss their teeth in public. annoy

9.    Parents who change their infant’s diaper on airport terminal benches when they’re steps away from restrooms with changing tables. annoy

10.  Individuals who don’t take responsibility for their lives, their actions, their mistakes. It’s not always someone else’s fault. annoy

I’m sure that people are not doing these things to annoy me on purpose.  Perhaps, they don’t even realize that they’re even doing them.  I’m sharing this list in hopes of bringing greater awareness and to get people to think about the impact of these annoying actions. annoy

“You do not wake up one morning a bad person. It happens by a thousand tiny surrenders of self-respect to self-interest.” ~ Robert Brault

I’m hyper, don’t have TV, and enjoy making all my own blog graphics.

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