5 Tips for Handling Toxic People Once and For All

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During holiday seasons, I hear from a lot of people who anticipate what bad things might happen as a result of interacting with certain family members.

Some family dynamics cause  stress. Sometimes we dread going to a gatherings because we’re not sure what may happen.

I’ve been in this situation and this is what’s worked for me:

1.    Limit your interaction with unpleasant people.

Say hello with a smile. Be upbeat and if you really want to do it up, pay them a compliment.

Saying something like, “I really like your new hairstyle” can really ease the tension and make both of you feel great. You’ll be proud of yourself.

After this brief interaction, make yourself scarce.  Love the people who treat you well and be polite to those who don’t.

2.    Accept what “is”.

You can’t control every situation and sometimes we simply have to accept things as they are. Let those around you be themselves and you do the same.

3.    Be upbeat and enjoy the good.

Look around – there’s plenty to enjoy.  Spend time with someone you normally would not. Elderly people and children make good comrades, especially if you’re feeling uneasy or tense.

4.    Appreciate what is working.

Everyday offers something to celebrate. You can reflect on what is working and you can consider what you want to change. Focus on what is good and what is working.

5.    Be proud of yourself for doing the right thing.

Push yourself towards your very best and become the person you were meant to be. Lead by example and treat others kindly.

Be the upbeat, optimistic person who, through your words and actions, inspires others to shine.

Ignore toxic battery draining individuals. 

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