A Letting Go Plan

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photo1We all know how important it is to plan. Although we know the benefits of planning, we don’t always do it.  

I once planned a 2-day vacation and upon arriving at my destination city, had no car rental or hotel reservation.


For me, the planning stopped at scouting out fares and booking travel tickets.

I plan my arrival and I WING everything else.


I’m a risk taker.

I realize this strategy is not for everyone but for some unexplainable reason, I enjoy living close to the edge in many areas of my life. 

Back to my plan… 

I set a date to let go of something very specific. For me it was a FEAR OF MAKING DECISIONS. In other words, I could spend years deciding about a direction in my life.

You know how some people spend years trying to decide what to do with their lives instead of doing something?

They waste years trying to perfectly plan their future because they want to:  

  • Have all the answers
  • Do everything just right
  • Have nobody copy their ideas, and
  • Ensure all the dust has settled before they will take just one little-bitty step.

Side note: For those wanting to dance for a living: you’re only young once.

My plan…

I allowed myself to engage in my bad habit until a specific, set-in-stone, date and time. I gave myself permission to fear, deny, avoid, or resist this thing until the big day.

At the appointed time, I ceremoniously released what needed releasing. Mine was FEAR about something specific.

Yours will be whatever you call it:

  • Regret
  • Forgiveness
  • Lost love
  • Lost opportunity

Please note that my ceremony was not just another, “tomorrow will be the day that I do it” situation.” No, I went all out.


This LETTING GO CEREMONY worked for me.

Whatever you do, set yourself up to succeed. Plan for success.

Commit to releasing something you know you can, and need to release.

Move into your beautiful future self by creating some level of success today. 

There are all kinds of ways to positively change something about yourself or your life.

You have a success story?

How did you do it:

  • Mental motivation?
  • Book?
  • Mentor?
  • Good self-talking to?

I love learning new ways to affirmatively keep life moving forward. Tell me what you did.

Thanks for reading.

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Yours in love and dance, Laurie

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