Back in The Day

I grew up dancing at my mother’s studio in New York, The Adele Johnson School of Performing Arts.

I have eight siblings and we all know how to do a basic tap time step.

So Many Sparkly Choices. Yay!

So Many Sparkly Choices. Yay!

Some of us play djembes (drums) because we played for the African dance classes at the studio.

Little Laurie

Little Laurie

One of my brothers, Kevin, will swear he taught me everything I know about tap dancing. One look at his flap ball change and you’ll know he’s lying.

Tribute to Gregory HinesI come from a large family and none of us are geniuses. I’m from the shallow end of the gene pool.

Academically, I struggled, suffered and was primarily in a fog most of the time. At least that’s what everyone told me during my tender, fragile growing up years.


Some people still tell me that today. Whatever. Spend time with me and you’ll say to yourself, “wow, she’s really out there. #dizzy


However, I’m happy to say that I’ve dealt with many of my challenges and today I spend more time playing to my strengths. I’ve educated myself on basic stuff like reading and writing. Click here to listen to my tell all. Here are 10 random facts about me and here are 12 more random little tidbits.


I have a BA from the George Washington University and an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.

I graduated. It wasn't easy.

I graduated and it wasn’t easy.

Going to school didn’t provide me with an education as much as it showed me how much I didn’t know. I was lost pretty much the entire time.

I’ve learned to acknowledge what I don’t know and to take action to learn what I want to know. 

Life knows no boundaries.

That’s my story. No more struggling.

“Your silence will not protect you” is my fav Audre Lorde quote. It inspired me to start blogging and sharing. Most people see me today and think I arrived all polished up and ready to go or that I’m just lucky.

I did not and I am not. I did a lot of painful, yet enlightening inner work. 


I don’t watch television and I deleted 4,999 Facebook “friends.” That’s significant to someone like me who’s very easily entertained, distracted and thrown-off.

Today, I waste very little time / energy on meaningless, superficial content. Here are the small steps I consistently take to continue the evolution. 

People can change. It’s unfortunate many choose to stay stuck. 

I’m an optimist.

I know that nothing has to stay the way it is if it’s not what we like or what we want.

It’s not luck or our circumstances or being born a particular way that creates our futures. It’s taking action to change situations that bring us grief or unhappiness.

We must first take responsibility for where we are and then commit to taking personal action to get us where we want to be.

Sometimes, we may need to ask for help.

I interned in Capitol Hill while in college and worked at various Fortune 500 companies. One such company was MCI Worldcom. I’m one of the people who lost my entire portfolio: just under $300K.

Lesson learned: No more “buy and hold” strategy for me.

In 1995, I was recruited by the Sara Lee Corporation. I was brand managing some boring line of panty hose.

I quit after five months because I was miserable.

My first book, Rich by Choice, Poor by Habit, is partly autobiographical.

Each of the 22 chapters contains a “Laurie Story.”

I use my own failures and hard-learned lessons as a content for my blog. 

Here’s an excerpt from Rich by Choice, Poor by Habit  which aptly describes what my life use to be like:

Rich by Choice, Poor by HabitThere is no passion and no meaning living in “survival mode.”

Living in survival mode means you unenthusiastically crawl out of bed,

grudgingly prepare for the day, reluctantly rush off to work or school,

drag yourself home, halfheartedly prepare dinner, watch television,

pass out, and then repeat the whole process the following day.

It’s no surprise there is no passion and no meaning. You’re sleepwalking through life!

I no longer sleepwalk through life. I tap dance through it. I have danced with Gregory Hines and I have paid tribute to him.

I am a certified life coach. I use my training to help people find their way through stress, fear, doubt and worry. I do a lot of this through my online, call-in radio show

Times when I’m taking calls are posted on



We all need practical guidance every once in a while and there are some things we all should know. I hope you find some here on this site.

In 2008, I published Live, Love, Laugh, DANCE, a pocket-sized book containing over 200 inspiring quotations. I love a good quote, don’t you?

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