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How to Ask for and Get a Killer Letter of Recommendation

If you’re old enough to need a letter of recommendation, you’re old enough to ask for it yourself. Think about the difference in the letter of recommendation I’m going to write for two different kids: who do you think gets my vote of confidence? The kid who called to tell me about the application for the school or program or ... Read More »

Conquering Fear and Getting On TV

When the producers from The John Walsh Show called to ask if I would be a featured guest, my initial thought was, “NO WAY!” My fear was so intense that I ended the call. I told them I needed to check my schedule. What schedule? . My immediate excuses were: I’m not ready. My book is not finished. I’ve gained weight. ... Read More »

The Useless, Inattentive Dance Assistant

Some subjects require a direct approach. That’s why this article is not titled, “Top 10 Tips to Becoming the Best Dance Assistant Ever. Dance assistants play an important role. Whether you’re assisting for an ‘in studio’ class or on a convention or festival, it’s serious business.  When it comes to assisting, you’re either adding value or you’re a battery drainer. ... Read More »

[Audio] Politics in College Dance

The dance world is draining her mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Her passion for dance is eroding and she’s feeling out of place at college. Is it over for her at just 21 years of age? Take-away-message: Get specific on your goals and write them down. Vague goals lead to vague results. Politics in College Dance [ 9:52 ] Play Now ... Read More »

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