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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

During my first two years of college I ate a lot. I gained 30 pounds and wore a size 14. I remember the miserable feeling I had, especially at the end of the day, when my extra-tight jeans left indentations on my thighs and waist. It was horrible. I started jogging and vowed never to let my weight get out ... Read More »

Motivated Myself to Stop Procrastinating and Writing Book

I procrastinate on a lot of stuff.  Tasks that feel unpleasant, overwhelming or intimidating cause me to stop cold. I stall. Then stalling creates stress for me. I soon realize I’m spending more time and energy avoiding the task and then I feel even worse. The longer I procrastinate, the more stress and anxiety I create for myself. It’s a ... Read More »

Money Can Destroy a Passion

When I was a kid, I spent countless hours creating original arts and crafts pieces. While other kids were outside playing, I enjoyed being in my room dreaming up new, ingenious things to make. One of my crafty creations was such a hit that several of my mom’s friends began asking me to make stuff for them. Initially, I was ... Read More »

TAP IN with Laurie Johnson Radio Show

WHO:  Your tap dancing friend, Laurie Johnson. WHAT:  A call-in internet radio talk show called TAP IN with Laurie Johnson. WHEN:  Tuesday’s at 3pm P.S.T. WHERE: WHY:  I get a lot of phone calls that start like this: Hi Laurie. I know you’re busy but I just want to run something by you. I need some sage advice and ... Read More »

The Secret to a Successful Dance Career

  This is a guest post by Kiesha Easley Imagine this: You’re a judge for a professional dance company.  Many dancers have auditioned before you and you are down to making a final choice between two very graceful and equally talented dancers. They both dance with exquisite form and technique.  They both know how to captivate an audience – but ... Read More »

Tights! Who NEEDS to Wear Them?

Too much of a good thing is not only ‘not good,’ but it can be downright bad! Post by Laurie Johnson. It makes sense for modern or contemporary dancers to perform without tights when everyone on stage: Exhibits extensive ballet training. Is technically adept. Has a uniform body type. Is extremely fit, sleek, powerful and strong. Has lean, well-defined legs ... Read More »

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