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Sad People: Dead at 25, Buried at 70

The store where I purchase rhinestones requires customers to take a number and wait to be called. I’ve come to know each of the sales clerks enough to make small talk and ask them how they’re doing. In other words, I don’t just start with, “Let me see Swarovski, ss20’s in crystal volcano.” The last time I was there I ... Read More »

Contemporary Dance: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This is a guest post written by the awesome, 17-year old anonymous author of Wedgietastic Booty Shorts “Contemporary” is a loose genre, mixing modern, jazz and ballet techniques along with un-named, interpretive movements. This leaves a lot of room for beautiful creative adventure, but also a lot of room for …the not so beautiful. As with any broad topic, there’s ... Read More »

Why I Deleted 4,999 Facebook “Friends”

This blog is in response to all the people who asked me, “Why did you delete all your Facebook “friends”? I have a short attention span and I daydream incessantly. I stopped watching television becasue I was spending too much time engaged in the lives of celebrities. Given this, it is obvious that I cannot handle unlimited access to the ... Read More »

Why Many Dancers Don’t Succeed

This blog post is a draft from my new book on how to build a sustainable dance career. I realize the title of the blog takes on a negative tone. I also realize it suggests that success is defined by something outside of us or that there is a particular definition of success. The truth is: before we can achieve ... Read More »

Wedgietastic Booty Shorts

This is a guest post written by a 17-year old. The staple of dancers (of all ages) these days seem to be these really tiny  – booty shorts. Classwear, convention wear, even in costumes, these mini shorts are a routine part of any dancers get up. But where do we draw the line for these cheek peek shorts? booty shorts ... Read More »

Am I jealous of “The Dog?”

A good friend of mine, whom I’ll call, Amy, recently got a dog. Before the dog came into the picture a typical outing with Amy went something like this: Meet at Starbucks for iced mochas around 2pm. Window shop on Rodeo Drive, Melrose Ave or Robertson Blvd. Drive to Saks or Barney’s to just walk around and check out the ... Read More »

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