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If you read just a few of my blog posts or listened to my audio bio, you’ll quickly discover that I openly admit to having an extremely short attention span – always have. While some consider this to be a flaw, I now consider it an asset. I use it to my benefit. How?

I wrote a book that others like me can understand. It’s called Rich by Choice, Poor by Habit.

The paragraphs are short and there are lot’s of illustrations, worksheets, quizzes, quotes, activities, etc. This extra stuff is the kind of material that helps me to understand concepts and keeps me engaged. I hope it does the same for you (if you’re anything like me).

But wait, there’s more…!

Each chapter contains a “LAURIE STORY.” These could easily have been called “confessions of a tap dancer.” These short, anecdotal, stories relate directly to each of the 23 chapters. They are honest and candid examples of my own successes and failures along the way.

I believe, what separates those who live successfully from those who constantly struggle is this:

Successful people do what’s required to move forward; they help themselves. They don’t make excuses. They create what they want through self-discipline, focus, action and resolve. They are consistent in their efforts and they hold a larger vision of themselves.

I get being scared. I know what living with doubt and fear feels like. I understand the amount of energy it takes to make up excuses, to check out and not show up. I know, firsthand, the result that comes with claiming, “I can’t! I’m not ready!” What happens is that we end up not growing, not maturing and of course, not changing.

Support systems and friends are great. However, they can’t do our work for us. We have to make our own Rich Choices.

There’s no power in throwing your life up in the air to see how things will land. Make rich choices to get what you want and what you deserve out of life.

Learn the way! My book can show you how.

Book Signing, 2006

Live, Love, Laugh, DANCE

More that 200 quotations fill this extraordinary book, providing a great resource of  knowledge and inspiration. It makes a perfect gift for those you love – including yourself. “We should consider everyday lost in which we don’t dance.” ~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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