15 Annoying Things Dancers Do to Lose Jobs

True story: I know this guy that no matter where I am, as soon as his name comes up, everyone immediately talks about his bad breath. No one considers it gossip, because it’s a fact. People talk about it freely, because this dancer has got the funkiest breath on the planet. He may have a medical issue. I don’t know. I do, however, know that ... Read More »

The Dream or the Excuse?

A dancer contacted me earlier today. She said she wants to move to Los Angeles to dance and to build a career in the entertainment industry. I asked her what the hold-up was. xcuse She said she had a new house, a new boyfriend and a new job. I posted the scenario on and asked others what they thought ... Read More »

Your Dance Career: 10 Ways To Succeed

Dance, like any other industry, is a business. Think and act like a pro: 1. People want to be associated with those who have a sense of self, have a purpose, and are not afraid to self express. 2. Maintain your skills to stay in the game. Stay fit, take class, and study dance history. It’s important to know whose ... Read More »

The Useless, Inattentive Dance Assistant

Some subjects require a direct approach. That’s why this article is not titled, “Top 10 Tips to Becoming the Best Dance Assistant Ever. Dance assistants play an important role. Whether you’re assisting for an ‘in studio’ class or on a convention or festival, it’s serious business.  When it comes to assisting, you’re either adding value or you’re a battery drainer. ... Read More »

[Audio] What’s ABT?

I asked this 14-year-old if she’d heard of ABT? She responded, “ADD?” She’s new to dance and wants to convince her mom to let her take additional ballet classes.  Listen in on the advice I gave her. What's ABT? [ 5:17 ] Play Now | Play in Popup Read More »

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