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[Audio] The Balancing Act

This freshman has been on campus five days and is wondering how to balance her social and academic life without alienating her new “friends.” Hold on there a minute – they’re not “friends” yet!  What advice would you give her? The Balancing Act [ 8:18 ] Play Now | Play in Popup Read More »

[Audio] My Boss Isn’t My Biggest Fan

Young corporate employee realizes that her odd comments and personality may be blocking her success at work. She starts by telling me her boss is not her “biggest fan.”  Do you share some of the same habits? My Boss Isn't My Biggest Fan [ 5:33 ] Play Now | Play in Popup Read More »

[Audio] What’s ABT?

I asked this 14-year-old if she’d heard of ABT? She responded, “ADD?” She’s new to dance and wants to convince her mom to let her take additional ballet classes.  Listen in on the advice I gave her. What's ABT? [ 5:17 ] Play Now | Play in Popup Read More »

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