Your Dance Career: 10 Ways To Succeed

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Dance, like any other industry, is a business.

Think and act like a pro:

1. People want to be associated with those who have a sense of self, have a purpose, and are not afraid to self express.

2. Maintain your skills to stay in the game.

Stay fit, take class, and study dance history. It’s important to know whose shoulders you’re dancing upon.

3. You are unique.  Stop looking around and comparing yourself to others.

Play up your strengths. Forgive your weaknesses.

4.  Develop your mind: Positive content and positive people are everything.

5. Take risks, try new things, learn from what did not work, and try again. Never whine.

6. Self-promotion is not easy… but it is necessary. Promote with tact.

7. Find your light. Ask yourself:

  What do I do well?

  What makes me unique?

  How am I different from other dancers?

  What do I enjoy doing when I’m not dancing?

  Is there a way for me to incorporate these other skills into my dance career?

  What do I stand for, and what do I want to be known for?


8. Get clear about what you want. Your goals directly affect your choices, and clear goals help establish a clear path.

Vague goals = vague results.

9.  Not everyone will agree with all your choices or ideas. They are however, likely to respect you for having them.

#originalthought #thoughtleaders

10.  Reach out and connect with successful people who are doing what you want to do.

Watch and learn.

It is possible to build a career around your passion.

I would dance every day of the year for free. However, making a living as a dancer makes me feel like a winner.

When your passion is your career, and your career is your business, you dance and smile all day.

There is no greater joy than loving life …

a life you have INTENTIONALLY created for yourself.

Do what you love.

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