Dance Convention Observations

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IMG_0582(1)I have completed a 20-city tour with Tremaine Dance Conventions.

Here are ten observations:

  1. Selfies rule.
  2. Parents still give me updates on their kids when I say to the parent, “How are YOU doing?”
  3. Contemporary dance is in. A few of the moves make me wonder if there should be a medic on site.
  4. I don’t mind judging 100 competition routines in one night.

I remember what life was like sitting behind a desk crunching spreadsheet numbers and dreaming about dance.

  1. I still get lost in every hotel, even though I have been to each one over a dozen times throughout the years.
  2. Flexibility does not a dancer make. Tricks offer very little when creativity is sacrificed for needles, splits, another turn section, flashy jumps, chin stands, contortion, aerials, and yes, leg holds. Executed without artistry, purpose, or a strong technical foundation, this stuff leaves me wanting… well, DANCE.
  3. Room service is not my thing. I have NEVER ordered it.

My hotel bill is ALWAYS the same: $0.00.  I bring food and source my own Wi-Fi.  (Source! Yes, showing off!)

  1. RECOMMENDATION: Dance studio owners should double their rates: original portion for students, add-on for parents.
  2. show biznessIf dancers show too much derriere while performing, I say: It’s called SHOW BUSINESS, not SHOW YOUR BIZ-NESS.” Butt cheeks belong in chairs, not on stages.
  3. I’m not sure if my overhead bag is getting heavier or if I’m getting weaker.

This entire tour, I scooted into my seat area, and stood and waited for a tall, strong, man with empty hands to assist me.

Chivalry lives.

I am grateful. Like really grateful. Several times a day, I consider what is good, what is working, and why I have no reason to complain.

Life itself is good, and I remain humble.

My hope is that you are well and satisfied in your life.

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Gracias mi amigos.
Yours in love and dance, Laurie

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