Express Yourself. Dance.

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Working a corporate job was absolutely miserable. Life felt unfair. The demanding and monotonous work stressed me to no end.

How bad was it? 

I had an ulcer.

I was losing my hair.

I ate junk food from vending machines.

I scoffed down pastries during meetings.

I got fat from sitting all day.

And my ‘paddle and roll‘ rolled away.

 I spent 12 hours a day around people who weren’t artists.

They were worker bees, whom I found completely uninspiring.

They were stagnant.

They were experts in their industries and their passion was corporate life.

I didn’t give a hoot about corporate life.

My colleagues sang the praises of

business strategies while I sang showtunes.

The worst part was my lack of passion for my work.

I sat in meetings praying for a way out. And all the while – I was daydreaming, creating tap rhythms in my head.

I was exchanging hours of my life for money and health insurance. That just didn’t seem like a fair trade.

My only freedom came from being in the elevator alone {sounds creepy, right?}.

In that tiny, little moving box my world opened up.

I’d start tap dancing and within seconds, I was euphoric.

I mean, I could work up a little sweat wearing pumps and pearls.

But when the doors opened I was back in the office.

Those elevator rides gave me a glimpse of a better future.

I wanted the freedom and joy of dancing everyday.

That meant I would have to move past fear.

Here’s the deal: If your current lifestyle has you feeling stifled, either make changes or stay stuck.

Change takes time, you know that.

That’s why you have to start right now. Yes, now.

Whether you change your workout routine, the books you read, the foods you eat or the people you date… small, consistent adjustments have a way of magically evolving into new ways to enjoy your life and to live responsibly.

It’s on you. No one can make your life happen or happy. Only you can.

Take responsibility for all that’s happened and all the good that’s about to happen. You’re ready.

Don’t second guess yourself. GO.

Take small, easy steps and start today.


I’m hyper, don’t have TV, and enjoy making all my own blog graphics.

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Gracias mi amigos.
Yours in love and dance, Laurie

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