Why I Deleted 4,999 Facebook “Friends”

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This blog is in response to all the people who asked me, “Why did you delete all your Facebook “friends”?

I have a short attention span and I daydream incessantly.

I stopped watching television becasue I was spending too much time engaged in the lives of celebrities.

Given this, it is obvious that I cannot handle unlimited access to the lives of thousands others.

I am easily entertained and easily distracted.

I had to stop depleting my energy and getting caught up, sidetracked, off-purpose and off course.

Focusing on unimportant, trivial stuff disconnected me from myself.

The cost of the entertainment was too high. I needed to get stuff done, and felt horrible after spending countless hours watching other people live their lives. It had to be done: I deleted all my “friends.”

Our potential is limitless. Do you. Explore and discover what you are all about. Learn about yourself. Develop and share your gifts.

“Keep purpose in your life. Make a difference.” ~Laurie Johnson

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I’m hyper, don’t have TV, and enjoy making all my own blog graphics.

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Gracias mi amigos.
Yours in love and dance, Laurie

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