Do you like teaching on Tremaine Dance Conventions?



Do you rhinestone all your own tap shoes?




Why should I sign up for your newsletter?

Because I’m less annoying via email than I am in person.  


Do you always feel confident?

No. And when I don’t Here’s what I do


Why @laurietalks?

I spend an inordinate amount of time in a light-hearted, playful mood, and I tend to cross boundaries. This combination leaves me apologizing, asking for forgiveness, and talking myself through touchy situations.


How did you find time to write a book?

I used these specific strategies to write my first book, RICH BY CHOICE, POOR BY HABIT.


Are you as out-to-lunch as they say you are?

I’m shocked, too.

Inside I feel smart and I know I look smart – most of the time. But I frequently observe a specific look in the eye of people from many people when they realize I see them – seeing me.

Why are you always positive?

Because I know what the opposite feels like. I look for what’s good and happily express gratitude for little things like eyesight, auto insurance, primo parking spots, pizza, and teeth so I can indulge in dark chocolate submerged in rich, 76% or higher, dark chocolate. Good health is another reason I tap dance the days away.


I want to see you dance! Where do I go?

Instructional combos are on youtube. You can also watch this.


What’s your background?

I am dance studio owner’s daughter from Hempstead, NY.

I served as a Congressional Intern on Capitol Hill, earned a BA from The George Washington University, and  an MBA from University of Texas, Austin.

I’m a member of National Speakers Association,


Back in the day I toured with two of my sisters as part of a tapping and djembe drumming trio called, Three Sister’s Tappin’. Then my younger sister quit (family drama). My older sister and I carried on as Two Sister’s Tappin‘. Then she quit. Now I’m A Sister  Tappin’. . .  tapping in to my full potential. 


Thanks for asking.


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