Best Advice Ever

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When someone asks for my advice and I sense they know the answer, I say something like,

“What would you advise your best friend to do? or…

“If your sibling asked you the same question what would you tell them?”

They quickly respond with something phenomenal.

Then I say, “That’s sounds good, why don’t you do that?”

That’s when they usually say something like, “Oh, I never thought about that. I guess I could. I mean, maybe. Sure, I mean, why not?

It’s interesting how we can be confident advising others, but hesitate to listen to our own voice.

Sometimes we see our own situation as life altering or momentous.

We can give it away, but we cannot give it to ourselves. When helping others, we confidentially:

  • Remind them of their options
  • Offer guidance and encouragement
  • Speak intelligently about minimizing risks
  • Remind them that plans can be changed or modified along the way

We are gentle and kind with our friends.

Be gentle and kind to yourelf.

Trust yourself just a tad bit more. Remind yourself that life changes you don’t have to have all the answers all the time.

Think about it, if you trust:

a restaurant server to place a lemon in your water,

those driving past you on the highway doing 80 miles per hour, or

the boy partnering you in ballet class…

you ought to be able to trust yourself.

Your best advice may come from you.


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