In a Nutshell

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in a nutshellStress and anxiety are not our friends; there is no part of our being that was ever meant to thrive in their presence. Yet, they are part of life.

The question then becomes, “What do you need to change, so you can deal with whatever is happening?”.

Your response?

Your approach?

Your words?


When things don’t go as expected or when people don’t behave in ways we’d like, we get testy.


And testy moments are defining moments, because as you choose your response, you are not only modeling behavior for those around you, you could also be driving yourself (unnecessarily) nuts.


Next time you’re tested, (probably any moment now) think about what you can do to de-escalate either the situation or your reaction.



If you have no power over something, then you have no power.

If you believe this to be fact, then it is counterproductive to act in ways that suggest you can fix or change someone else. All the love in the world cannot change anyone or improve some situations.     


Three-step approach:

  1. Accept reality.
  2. Don’t drive yourself nuts trying to fix what you didn’t break.
  3. Don’t be a nut in a nutshell

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