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Digital Dancer

A young dancer asked me what his next move should be relative to launching his L.A. dance career.

My first order of business, before responding, was to peruse his digital presence. Within 30 seconds I can get an idea what someone is about.

Sadly, he was not about dance. His feed contained everything but dance related content.

There was nothing that said performing artist other than a few pics of him inside a studio. Clearly everything does not need to scream dancer, but a hint would have been nice.

I asked, “What’s up”? He confessed that he didn’t really know what to do. He was concerned about some of  “his boys” who were not doing well, and other stuff that was preventing him from online self-expression.

I get it: self doubt stops us from doing so many things, especially when we believe everyone is JUDGING us. Yup. I believe they are.


Any kind of progress, even if it’s just keeping quiet while someone is trying to start an argument with you, requires taking action even though you have that uncomfortable umbrella of self-doubt reeling over your head.

The world needs more leaders. You.

When you share, aim high. Set a new standard and raise the mental level of your followers. If they turn away from your light… whatever.

Mediocrity and conformity are boring and uncreative.

You are an artist. Create and share.

Post towards your future and create the world you want to live in.

Trust yourself just a wee bit more.

Show  what you’re about …

even if you’re not ALL about it – just yet.

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Yours in love and dance, Laurie

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