Man on Wire: Plan, Strategize, Execute

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Want to be entertained and inspired at the same time?  Watch the Oscar-winning film, Man on Wire.

I usually forget a movie shortly after watching. However, Man on Wire is well… unforgettable.  It’s exceptional.

I was thoroughly moved and motivated by the passion of tightrope walker, Philippe Petit, who decides he’s going to erect a rope and walk between the NYC World Trade Center twin towers.

This man has a goal and he doesn’t let anything or anyone stand in his way. He defies all the laws, breaks all the rules and acts like the word, “no” doesn’t exist.  This is what I admire most about Petit.  He makes no excuses and completely ignores critics who say it can’t be done. Man on Wire

Watch this film and you’ll understand what it takes to turn a dream into a reality. You’ll watch as Petit plans, strategizes and executes this illegal act. Man on Wire

My favorite part comes when he finally executes the stunt – he didn’t just walk between the two towers (almost 2000 feet in the air) – no, he sauntered, danced and even lied down.  He was in pure bliss. Man on Wire

I admire him for his passion and for his ability to execute his plan.

Many of us are good at planning and strategizing, but it’s the third and final steps:  execution and implementation that really counts. Man on Wire

Watching this movie will remind you that there’s absolutely no reason for not doing and having whatever you want in life. Man on Wire

If you have any limiting beliefs about what you can accomplish, then watch this film. You’ll be reminded about what it means to say, ‘yes’ to yourself and to your dreams. Man on Wire

Go for it! Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Have you ever let someone talk you out of a dream because it seemed impossible?  Which of one of your dreams do you need to reconsider?

“Life is always a tightrope or a feather bed. Give me a tightrope.” ~ Edith Wharton

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