Mr. Agent Man & Knucklehead Dancer Boy

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dancer boyIt is frustrating when someone asks for specifics about an event, location, or occasion when they could easily, and within seconds, access the info on their own.


SAD STORY: I recently recommended a dancer to an agent.


I instructed DANCER BOY to write MR. AGENT MAN a note. MR. AGENT MAN was in the building, and I wanted to hand deliver DANCER BOY’S introductory letter to MR. AGENT MAN.


I was super excited about making the connection, especially since MR. AGENT MAN had expressed interest in meeting DANCER BOY.


  1. AGENT MAN had complimented DANCER BOY’S technical prowess earlier that day; he was confident he could get DANCER BOY work.


I delivered DANCER BOY’S letter to MR. AGENT MAN.


It never occurred to me I needed to babysit.


Go figure, knucklehead DANCER BOY misspelled MR. AGENT MAN’S name.


And just like that… his opportunity disappeared.


  1. AGENT MAN had a hearty laugh. Then he said, “Oh, that’s such a shame. He’s so talented. But I won’t represent someone who can’t think. I can’t take that chance.”


Part of getting what you want requires presenting yourself powerfully and professionally:

  1. Verify facts.
  2. Ask for help when needed.
  3. Know your audience, and, of course, spell check.



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