On the Sofa Opposite Oprah

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There are no shortcuts to happiness. Attaining happiness requires work.

That’s because you first have to acknowledge and take responsibility for every area of your life.

Doing this is not the most enjoyable exercise, because you may likely discover unpleasant things about yourself. However, it is good honest work. More importantly, it’s the path to growth.


I never expected to be happy. I only longed for PEACE OF MIND.

I believed happiness was reserved for people sitting on the sofa opposite Oprah.  

I didn’t sit opposite Oprah, but I did do my work. This is what I did:photo1 (1)

  • INTROSPECTION. No television nor excessive online consumption.
  • REALITY CHECK. Stopped wishing things were different.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE. Some people, family members included, are toxic (turned and walked away).
  • CONNECT UP. Interacted with people who are living healthy.
  • APOLOGIZE. Owned it. 
  • FORGIVE. I had to do it. Otherwise, I was my own prisoner. I freed myself by acknowledging that we are all on our own journey, and we arrive when we get there.
  • Release it out.
  • Let go of clutter.
  • Focused on what was going well at any given moment.
  • Looked into my future and imagined how I wanted it to be.
  • VIBRATE HIGHER. Stopped engaging in insignificant, trifling, or meaningless conversations.
  • FEED THE MIND. Consumed mind-elevating content only.
  • SHOW UP AND OUT. Let go of worry about the opinions of others.
  • LET GO. Stopped trying to change, control, or manage other people.
  • PRAY THE PRAYER. Continually recited the SERENITY PRAYER.
  • GET PHYSICAL. Kept dancing.


Slowly, piece by piece, I put my SELF back together; back to the way I was in the beginning.

If there are shortcuts to self-improvement, I’ve not discovered them.  

Have you?


I’m hyper, don’t have TV, and enjoy making all my own blog graphics.

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Gracias mi amigos.
Yours in love and dance, Laurie

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