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One Rhinestone at a Time

It’s a good thing that I no longer make decisions about my life the same way I go about rhinestone a new pair of tap shoes. When it comes to bedazzling shoes I don’t have an outline, a strategy or a vision. I simply start gluing (one stone at a time) and am willing to accept whatever happens. It’s all ... Read More »

There’s Value in Dance Studio Dress Codes

Within minutes of entering a dance studio I can get a feel for its energy, its culture and values. During a recent workshop, I couldn’t help but notice the two 9 nine-year old girls on the floor in front of me. One girl held the ankles of another, who was lying on her back, counting her ab crunches: “23, 24, ... Read More »

The Two Most Important Days In Your Life

I am a tap dancer who is always looking for ways to entertain audiences while inspiring them to do more with their lives. I accomplish this by performing my solos to audio recordings (my voice) that contain motivational and uplifting messages.     One such message goes like this: The two most important days in your life are the day ... Read More »

Strange Love, Strange Habits

I made the very difficult decision in October 2006 to stop watching television. Initially, I was bored and wondered what to do with the extra time. Eventually I engaged in other, more productive activities. I created new habits that added meaning to my life and offered me more opportunities to grow as an individual. I stopped watching television because I really ... Read More »

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