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Doing Good Looks Good on You

Leaving my house this morning, I noticed a woman pulling out of her garage. Her tall, thermal coffee cup was still on top of the car. There were no bumps in the road, at least not yet. I pulled up beside her at the stop signal. I motioned for her to sit tight. I hopped out of my car and ... Read More »

Less is More: Why I Decluttered My Life

mo clutter, mo problems

I strive for minimalism. I’m continually on the lookout for what’s not needed in my home, car, or boat. Ok, let me stop. I don’t have a boat; I’m just messing with you. If I buy a new black belt, I get rid of my old one. If stuff sits in the pantry too long, it’s gone. Before buying something ... Read More »

Sensitivity Paved the Way

sensitivity paves the way

You know the kid: the socially awkward, goofy-faced kid who’s different and doesn’t blend in? That was me. I went to 13 different schools, and no, my family never moved.  Was I ostracized and teased because I was the new kid who was dressed differently, or because I was an easy target who never talked nor fought back? I’m still ... Read More »

Every Day I’m Wondering

We all have them. I’m talking about those few moments that come in the course of nearly every day when we contemplate the great mysteries of the universe. It can happen while we brush our teeth, or while we stand in the shower. It can even happen while standing in line at the supermarket. How do I take advantage of ... Read More »

Be True to Yourself: Rock that Boat

Someone asked me what it means to be true to yourself. I immediately thought of a billboard I once saw that simply read, “Passengers, say something!” Some people passively sit in the passenger seat and don’t ask the driver to stop texting, tailgating, speeding, drinking, etc. Sometimes we’re uncomfortable saying what needs to be said, but when your life depends ... Read More »

The Feeling Good Goal

over the moon in under a minute

Most of the time we just want to feel good.   We search for the right work, because we want to enjoy what we do. We want a great relationship, because we want to be happy. We want good health, so we can feel better. We want money or a new car, because we believe it will make us happier.   But if ... Read More »

The Power of Saying NO

I used to work for a manager that continually gave me extra work. One day I politely asked him, “Why do you keep giving me more tasks when you know I’ve already got so much to do?” He replied, “Because I know you’ll get it done. The busiest person gets stuff done.” Back then, I thought that was a compliment. ... Read More »

I’m a Hustler, Baby!

Hustler is not a word I would have used to describe myself, but it’s accurate. Most of my adult life, I have been called a hustler. I initially considered it an insult. That is because the only images I conjured up were of pimps wearing fur coats and platforms or scammers, not to mention Hustler is the name of a men’s magazine. ... Read More »

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