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How to Ask for and Get a Killer Letter of Recommendation

If you’re old enough to need a letter of recommendation, you’re old enough to ask for it yourself. Think about the difference in the letter of recommendation I’m going to write for two different kids: who do you think gets my vote of confidence? The kid who called to tell me about the application for the school or program or ... Read More »

Conquering Fear and Getting On TV

When the producers from The John Walsh Show called to ask if I would be a featured guest, my initial thought was, “NO WAY!” My fear was so intense that I ended the call. I told them I needed to check my schedule. What schedule? . My immediate excuses were: I’m not ready. My book is not finished. I’ve gained weight. ... Read More »

A Successful State of Mind

When I feel doubtful or fearful — I am aware of how much I am crushing my dreams. It’s a temporary dark place of feeling unworthy, inadequate, or like I’m just not going to make it. Fortunately, because of my practice, I don’t spend alot of time in this place. I’ve discovered that tiny shifts in thinking bring me back to my ... Read More »

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