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The Useless, Inattentive Dance Assistant

Some subjects require a direct approach. That’s why this article is not titled, “Top 10 Tips to Becoming the Best Dance Assistant Ever. Dance assistants play an important role. Whether you’re assisting for an ‘in studio’ class or on a convention or festival, it’s serious business.  When it comes to assisting, you’re either adding value or you’re a battery drainer. ... Read More »

Tights! Who NEEDS to Wear Them?

Too much of a good thing is not only ‘not good,’ but it can be downright bad! Post by Laurie Johnson. It makes sense for modern or contemporary dancers to perform without tights when everyone on stage: Exhibits extensive ballet training. Is technically adept. Has a uniform body type. Is extremely fit, sleek, powerful and strong. Has lean, well-defined legs ... Read More »

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