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When I Wasted My Life – Soulful Strut

My corporate job was the “make sense” thing to do, but I hated every minute of it. I liked the money but that was it. I was in no way passionate about what I was doing. My life was meaningless. All my thoughts, ideas and dreams were about dance. It wasn’t easy for me to quit, but I knew I ... Read More »

8 Basic Etiquette Tips Every Young Adult Should Know

You’ve spent your whole life wanting to be treated like an adult – here’s your opportunity. When your peers are acting like fools you can show your great home-training skills by following these basic etiquette rules. They are easy to implement, but they are just as easy to ignore. The choice is yours. The following suggestions are for the young adult who wants to create an exceptional persona while developing their brand image. Read More »

TAP IN with Laurie Johnson Radio Show

WHO:  Your tap dancing friend, Laurie Johnson. WHAT:  A call-in internet radio talk show called TAP IN with Laurie Johnson. WHEN:  Tuesday’s at 3pm P.S.T. WHERE:   Blogtalkradio.com/LaurieJohnson WHY:  I get a lot of phone calls that start like this: Hi Laurie. I know you’re busy but I just want to run something by you. I need some sage advice and ... Read More »

The Secret to a Successful Dance Career

  This is a guest post by Kiesha Easley Imagine this: You’re a judge for a professional dance company.  Many dancers have auditioned before you and you are down to making a final choice between two very graceful and equally talented dancers. They both dance with exquisite form and technique.  They both know how to captivate an audience – but ... Read More »

Tights! Who NEEDS to Wear Them?

Too much of a good thing is not only ‘not good,’ but it can be downright bad! Post by Laurie Johnson. It makes sense for modern or contemporary dancers to perform without tights when everyone on stage: Exhibits extensive ballet training. Is technically adept. Has a uniform body type. Is extremely fit, sleek, powerful and strong. Has lean, well-defined legs ... Read More »

Why Many Dancers Don’t Succeed

This blog post is a draft from my new book on how to build a sustainable dance career. I realize the title of the blog takes on a negative tone. I also realize it suggests that success is defined by something outside of us or that there is a particular definition of success. The truth is: before we can achieve ... Read More »

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