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Things I Say When I’m Teaching Tap Class @laurietalks

  I teach tap for Tremaine Dance Conventions. During my classes, I silence my tap shoes for a quick @laurietalks chat with students. Over the years I’ve discussed tattoos, piercings, impulsive behavior, intelligent risk taking, and, recently, innovative uses for social media. Here’s what I said:                    “Dancers, please have a seat. ... Read More »

Dance Convention Observations

I have completed a 20-city tour with Tremaine Dance Conventions. Here are ten observations: Selfies rule. Parents still give me updates on their kids when I say to the parent, “How are YOU doing?” Contemporary dance is in. A few of the moves make me wonder if there should be a medic on site. I don’t mind judging 100 competition ... Read More »

Dancers: I see you.

I am the tap dance teacher for Tremaine Dance Conventions. My goal for each class is this: to make eye contact with every student in the room. I do not look at parents while I’m teaching, because I save that smile, that energy, for their kids. Making eye contact builds relationships. Every interaction does not result in something deep or ... Read More »

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