The Beauty of Taking Responsibility

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taking responsibilityIt’s annoying to be around someone who has a “why me” attitude. You know the type. The person who:

•        never takes responsibility for anything

•        has a false perception of self

•        can’t hear the truth as it relates to them

•        cuts you off mid-sentence with, “I didn’t have anything to do with it.” It wasn’t my fault.” Ugh.

Taking Responsibility Initiates Positive Change

Making excuses is the hallmark of an unsuccessful person. How can you learn if you’re always right?

You can’t grow without learning and taking responsibility for your life and what’s happening to you right now, is really the first step.

Taking Responsibility Inspires Personal Growth

Holding someone else accountable is stressful and a waste of time. Do it enough, and you’ll eventually become a hopeless, irrational self-loathing slacker. People will see you as insecure and self-centered. You’ll be viewed as a needy person who wants to feel important all the time.

taking responsibility

At some point you have to stop blaming others- parents, family and friends- for who you are. To grow as a person it’s critical you ask yourself, “What role did I play in creating my circumstances?”

Think about how much you respect someone who admits his or her wrongdoings and accepts responsibility. Their stock goes up instantly because of their strength, maturity and courage.

Taking responsibility is the foundation of personal growth & development. It’s painful but necessary, my dancing friends.

So be fair to yourself. Open up. Forgive, be vulnerable and be responsible.  Only then can you make improvements in your life.

Taking Responsibility Is Liberating:

“He who ties the knot must un-tie the knot.” 

When you assume taking responsibility for your life, you help silence the negative voices in your head. You’ll stop making excuses and asking “why me,” and you’ll free up mental space to focus on accomplishing what’s meaningful to you.

Taking responsibility, like forgiveness, is not a sign of weakness but one of strength.

You do it for yourself. And instead of losing power and credibility, you get them back.

What about you? Can you think of a time when you started taking responsibility for something and it freed you?

Tell me about it in the comment section below.

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