TAP IN to Adulthood

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tap in to adulthoodDo you sometimes ask yourself, “Did that just happen?” “Is this really my life?”

Too often we question the tiniest things, and it never occurs to us that maybe, just maybe, things happen for a reason.  Some things happen in order for us to learn, to grow and then to thrive.

As human beings, we worry about things that, most of the time, we can’t do anything about.

If you’re about to graduate high school, you might be worried about homework, college, moving away from home, SAT scores, career choices, etc.

From childhood to adulthood, the worries only become bigger and more stressful.

It goes from worrying about homework to worrying about bringing your work home.

Every difficult situation need not create stress and unhappiness.  Life happens and there is always going to be something going on.  Maturity requires that you accept certain things and go with the flow.

Transitioning into adulthood means you have to take responsibility for your own actions. You cannot blame other people for your shortcomings.

You have to be so many things at once: stern enough to be taken seriously, yet vulnerable enough to recognize and accept personal growth opportunities.

And sometimes, you have to smile even when you may feel that life has gotten the best of you.

When you’re tempted to sit there and do nothing, get up.

When you want to check out or give up, don’t.

Do something. Even if you have nobody to prove anything to, you’ve got yourself.

And you have what it takes to create what you want. How do I know?

…because you would not have the dream if you didn’t have the power and the talent to make it a reality.

Take on life day by day with everything it has to offer, both good and bad. You know why?

Because you have to.

That’s really the bottom line when you grow up and become an adult. No one is going to put the effort into consoling you and trying to make you feel better when they are living in this world just like you.

So whenever you find yourself over thinking life and worrying, remember that there is only one thing to do: Toughen up, TAP IN to your inner strength…

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