Tap Shoes – Art n Sole™ – DISCONTINUED

Dear Tappers, As of April 10, 2011, I will no longer be  in the shoe business. Anyone fortunate enough to have a pair of these shoes knows what a quality product they are.  It’s been my honor to have been a part of this offering for the past several years. The shoemaker is having difficutly meeting the growing demand.

Yours in love and dance, Laurie

Silver & Purple Tap Shoes
“The human foot is a work of art and a masterpiece of engineering.”
—Leonardo Da Vinci                                 Please, wear the right shoes.

Pink & Gold Shoes (19)

I absolutely LOVE my Art n Sole shoes. Besides being beautiful and fun, they have the best sound quality of any shoe I’ve ever worn and they are really, really comfortable. Thank you! – Dena C.

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Silver, Pink  & Purple Tap Shoes

Ordering Art n Sole™ Tap Shoes is as easy as:

Gotta have 'em

Gotta have 'em

  1. Choosing a color
  2. Mailing us the original tracing of your feet
  3. Paying Online or by check

•       Genuine Leather – 100% hand-crafted genuine leather tap shoes featuring all leather lining and all leather stacked heel.

•       Incredible Support, Durability and Comfort – Steel shank and extra build-up offer incredible support and will have you tapping in comfort for years to come. You won’t find a more comfortable, longer-lasting tap shoe than the Art n Sole™.

•       Taps Attached – Capezio Teletone™ Taps and fiberboard backing plate are professionally attached to provide great sound quality.

•       Double Sole Build-up Included – The double sole build-up (compare to Capezio K360™) is perfectly weighted for correct horizontal balance and comfort.

•       Superior Craftsmanship and Refined Finishing Techniques – Every detail is done exclusively by hand and individually stitched right here in the USA.  Exquisite craftsmanship and amazing detail. No assembly work.


“After many years of trying many different tap shoes,
I found Art n Sole. These tap shoes are comfortable,
sound great and fashionable! My shoes get a lot of attention and are always a topic of conversation. The colors define my personality and suit me perfectly!! I love these shoes!! I am not great at writing!! but.. I do love the shoes, they always draw attention and have been wonderful to wear. – Cori R.

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To order right now you will need:

•       A regular sized ball point pen, don’t use thick markers.

•       Two pieces of plain white paper large enough to trace each foot.

•       A tape measure to measure around the arch and around the ball of each foot. Use a tape measure that has flexibility like a paper or cloth one.

•       A friend to do the tracing. (Please do not trace or measure your own feet).

Here’s what you need do to:  

1.   Have a friend trace both your feet on two separate sheets of plain white paper. Do not attempt to trace your own feet because the measurements will be distorted.

2.   Stand on a hard floor, not carpet. Tracing on carpet will result in inaccurate measurements.

3.   Stand with all your weight on the foot being traced and wear the type of socks you normally wear when tapping. If you wear thick socks then be sure to put them on before tracing.

4.   Make sure entire foot fits on the paper. Larger feet may require you to angle the paper on a diagonal in order to get the entire foot to fit on the paper.

5.   Have your friend use a regular pen or pencil. Don’t use thick markers because tracings will be inaccurate.

6.   Hold the pen or pencil straight up towards the ceiling. Don’t angle it under the foot. This is especially important as you approach the instep of the foot. Take your time and slowly trace the foot.

7.   Use a tape measure to measure around the ball of each foot (the very widest part of the ball) and around the arch of each foot. Both these numbers should be between 7 and 10 inches. Write these numbers down next to the area measured.

8.   Complete the order form and mail in the original tracings. Please don’t send faxes, scans and e-mails, they will not be accurate.

Order Form (rhinestones not included)

Name: _______________________________________________________

Phone No:              Home__________________   Cell:_____________________


Shipping Address: Street__________________________ City__________________State_____ Zip_______

Regular shoe size  _____                                        Male / female   M / F

Are these shoes for a child whose feet are still growing?  Yes________No_______ Special Comments/Requests:                  ______________________________

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. (Rhinestone crystals are not included. If you’d like your shoes accented with swarovski crystals, please e-mail info@LaurieJohnson.com for pricing information).

Note: Art n Sole™ Tap Shoes are handmade not custom made. Bunions or extremely narrow heels may not be accommodated. Art n Sole™ Tap Shoe are made to fit those with regular/average feet. Questions? Contact us at info@LaurieJohnson.com


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