ThanksGiveAway – Best Advice Winners

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Before I announce the winner of this year’s ThanksGiveAway, I have to tell you how impressed I was with many of the responses to the question:

 What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

When I sought out to collect your responses, I didn’t realize how much wisdom would be shared there.  I was so impressed, that I’ve decided to share a few of them with you.

Best Advice

Diane said:

Learn it’s okay to laugh at yourself, and find joy in the little things. It will make your world much easier to live in! I think I have learned to do that.  Still working on “loving myself.”


Laura said:

The best advice I have ever received is: Always remember life is not fair, it was never meant to be fair. I try to always remember this so I don’t feel sorry for myself when I am going through my trials in life.


Angela said:

The best piece of advice I ever received was, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” in other words, “Treat people the way you wish to be treated. And no matter how much they mistreat you, you’ll realize you’ve done all you can and then karma will come back to those who don’t respect and treat people right. What goes around comes around.” Thanks MOM!!!


Robin said:

Best advice I received was to learn to be myself and love myself. It took me nearly 30 years to actually embrace that.


Babe said:

The best advice I was given was, “live every minute of your life like it’s your last. ” After loosing a 9 year old dance student to cancer I’ve tried to live my life that way.


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So, now you’re wondering who won the giveaway right?

We had 16 entrants who met the requirements.  Here are the two winners who were randomly selected via

Please help me congratulate:

Angela ByrdLive, Love, Laugh – Dance signed quote book

HeatherTap In Tee – shirt

Winners will be contacted individually via email with instructions for claiming your prize.

Thank you all for participating!

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Gracias mi amigos.
Yours in love and dance, Laurie

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