Wedgietastic Booty Shorts

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This is a guest post written by a 17-year old.

The staple of dancers (of all ages) these days seem to be these really tiny  – booty shorts.

Classwear, convention wear, even in costumes, these mini shorts are a routine part of any dancers get up. But where do we draw the line for these cheek peek shorts? booty shorts

We’ve all seen it – this trend has lead our eyes to lands of wedgies (front and back=gross!), stubble (super-ew!), cellulite, love handles, jelly rolls and all around all access passes to places no one should see.

Do you really want people you don’t even know looking at your butt? Would you purposely walk up to a complete stranger, and tell them you didn’t shave south of the border? No… you wouldn’t do that (except maybe on a dare). But that’s exactly what those little shorts are doing. booty shorts

But sometimes I wonder if kids, parents, and teachers even notice? Is it such a normal thing now, for people’s junk to hang out, that no one says anything about it?

Is that what we want our daughters, sisters, and students to think is appropriate apparel?

As a young dancer (I’m 17), I can recall on too many occasions – whether it was a convention or a class – being shocked by another dancer’s lack of coverage. booty shorts

This epidemic is even spreading to the youngest of dancers. Although they do not have cheeks to hang out yet, one day they will – and trying to get them to put clothes on after years of being half naked, well…good luck to that! booty shorts

I can admit that I don’t like to wear tights. When it starts to get hot outside it is especially dreadful. But I must be aware of the kind of message I send with what I’m wearing.

Just because you can stretch your way into an outfit, doesn’t mean it fits. If you want respect, you must respect yourself first. booty shorts

What would you think if you saw someone wearing your outfit/costume/etc.?

There’s also a serious matter to consider: the world is full of creepers. It’s true. My dad pointed out to me that children do not realize bad things are lurking around every corner.  But in actuality, the world we live in is not as safe as we’d like to think, and it is filled with dangers.

You don’t know who’s sitting in that audience of your competition, watching that class, or even judging your dances. booty shorts

If you don’t feel comfortable in a costume; if it rides up or squeezes your love handles, please fix it – wear something else less revealing. booty shorts

Judges and random bystanders will rejoice. If you’re not stoked with your body, do something about it the smart girl way.  Try eating less sugars, more fruits and veggies. booty shorts

Trendy or not, you shouldn’t wear something that doesn’t enhance your features. I love that dancers don’t have to be 90 lbs. anymore, but, if you’re a bigger size, use it to your advantage.

Wear things that look great and send the right message.  Flatter yourself.

So, dance your hearts away fellow friends, but don’t show people your booty cheeks, or even worse, your knee drops. And if you’re thinking bike shorts are the answer to this cheek problem, please think again – tight fitting long shorts tend o cut off your line right above the knee. It can make any lovely figure look like a short wrestler. booty shorts

Again, mirrors are our friends. Knee drops and wedgietastic booty shorts are not. That is all. 🙂

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” ~ Mark Twain
“What a strange power there is in clothing.” ~ Isaac Bashevis Singer

I’m hyper, don’t have TV, and enjoy making all my own blog graphics.

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Gracias mi amigos.
Yours in love and dance, Laurie

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