Hard Work Hurts – Jeanine Mason #sytycd Winner!

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Did your parents ever tell you why hard work pays off?

Your success discourages no one.

Your success discourages no one.

Hard work has always paid off, at least in my experience. Many times I’ve wanted to quit when things got tough, but quitting is the easy way out.

Have you ever wondered why it seems that everyone else is doing better than you? Have you ever felt as though everyone else was having success, or doing well but you weren’t and you didn’t know why?

If you want to be good at something in school, in sports, or anything else, you have to work hard. There are no exceptions. Let me share with you a story that will help you understand why hard work pays off.


Story on Why Hard Work Pays Off

Jeanine Mason, the youngest contestant to ever win  So You Think You  Can Dance, can assure you that hard work hurts, but it also pays off. At the age of 21, she can tell you all about her life, her work, and what it takes to get what you want.

She was telling me that  yes, it’s easy to get what you want, but you have to be  FOCUSED. It was a pleasure for me to have her on the show, and to hear this from someone so young. Jeanine realized that early in life, and as a dance artist, that she had to do more than take classes and audition.

She called on her parents and those aronud her that would help her  to push harder and hone her skills and her focus. Rather than sitting  down and waiting for  something to fall into her lap, she made a list of shows that inspired her and shows she felt  she could be an asset to. Once she made the list, she went to her agent and started to pursue more.

Jeanine also says that she made it a point to use visualization technique to help her get what she wanted. Is it the fact that she just visualized or that she took the time to visualize? At the young age of 7, she knew she wanted to be a dancer. What’s more, she asked her mom for a manager as a birthday gift!

Even without fully understanding what it was, she would do anything to get better, and do more to advance her career.

There is no question for Jeanine Mason on why hard work pays off.

Why Hard Work Pays Off Sooner Rather Than Later

Do you believe that what you want in life is only one-sided? Meaning, do you believe that you can only do one thing well, and NOT combine various talents to create the life you want?

If you want success, you must:

  1. Set goals by writing them down
  2. FOCUS
  3. Work hard by taking the classes and putting yourself out there
  4. Surround yourself with those who will encourage you
  5. Understand that hard work does hurt

It’s easier than you think to get what you want in life, and you’ll see why hard work pays off!

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