You Were Right; I Was Wrong

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Whenever someone says, “Easier said than done.” I always think, “What isn’t?”

Just about everything is easier said than done.

What about the words, “You were right; I was wrong?”

It is such an easy statement to make, yet I remember feeling like such a loser the first few times I decided to say them. 

Initially, saying these words made me feel like I was losing the battle and allowing another person dominion over me or my pride.

Then maturity set in, and I learned to say, “So what? What does it cost me to let THEM be right? Do I really want to argue about this inconsequential issue?”

I’m not less of a person just because someone else is right or because I decided to keep quiet and allow them think they’re right.  

If you’ve had your share of arguments and drama, say to yourself, “What do I care if someone else thinks they’ve won or that they’re right? What’s the harm in that?

Is proving them wrong really worth all this miserable fighting? What’s the point? 

Saying “You’re right; I was wrong,” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wrong. 

You could simply be thinking, “My peace of mind is more important than arguing over dumb stuff.”

Save your energy. 

Ease up, and let the small stuff go.

You’ll be amazed at how right it can feel to just be wrong sometimes.

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Yours in love and dance, Laurie

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